101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids by Sandy Silverthorne


Who are the five hairiest men in the Bible?  Why did Boaz get a shoe handed to him? How many arrows does a quiver hold?  The answers to questions like these can be found in 101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids.  This is a super readable resource for kids that they will find both entertaining and informative.

Just one page is devoted to each fact, and the style of writing is concise and age appropriate. Also included with each fact is the scripture verse so the child can read the information in some context. With cute cartoons and fun extras like catchphrases we use today that are from the Bible, word definitions and activities, this is a great book to help kids dig a little deeper into the scriptures.

This would be good for ages 9 and up, or younger if they’re good readers.  It’s a small book that is big on information, and great for getting your kids feet wet in the world of Bible reference books.  Because the explanations are so concise, it could also be a good resource for a trivia game or to quiz each other. Join in with them and both you and your kids will learn a lot when you read 101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids.

P.S. Hairiest men in Bible? Esau, Elijah, Samson, Absalom and Nebuchadnezzer!


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