Something Familiar

For people like myself and my Mom who do a lot of previewing and reviewing, every now and then we just need to pick up a book for the sake of enjoying it. Recently, in a moment of brain numbing busyness I found myself drawn to a series of books that I hadn’t read since childhood.

What series was it? The Elsie Dinsmore Life of Faith Series by Martha Finely. Set in the deep south right before the start of the Civil War, these books follow the story of young Elsie Dinsmore as she grows not only in grace and beauty but also in her faith in Jesus. Her life is not without its challenges and not long after picking up these Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetbooks you will find yourself connected to this young character as you start to see bits of yourself in her.

Yes, these are books written for young girls, generally I recommend them for Jr. Higher’s, but there is something special about going back and re-reading the books of your youth. First of all, there is something to be said about picking up a book just to enjoy it and not having to think too hard about it. Secondly, reading a book that
you read originally as a child is a unique experience, you get to take a moment and be transported back to your young self. When I re-read this series I remembered reading it for the first time and the season of life that I was in. Trying to navigate the rough seas of Jr.High, I remembered coming home from long days and curling up on my bed with these books and escaping to a different world. Going back as an adult is like returning to a childhood home; remembering the familiar characters and scenery but at the same time being aware that everything looks a little different now, as you stand a little taller, having grown a little wiser and hopefully, seeing things a little clearer.

What books did you read as a child? Perhaps it’s time to take a break and return to something familiar? Curl up on the couch and be reminded of simpler times, enjoy the simplicity of the language, and take note, you may see a few things you never noticed before!

Carpe Librum! (Seize the Book)


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