The Baby Lit Collection

IMG_0741Hi everyone, it’s Audrey. Ever since I was able to pull myself up to standing I have been fascinated with all my Mom’s books. She has quite the collection you know, but even, so it’s nothing compared to my GiGi’s collection. I loved pulling them off the shelf and studying the covers, I could  tell they were chalked full of interesting things. Don’t get me wrong, I like my own books, they are super colorful and I like reading about Pokey Puppies and Little Bears but sometimes you want something a with little more meat, something to challenge you and teach you something new. Something for the baby/toddler/preschooler with the more refined pallet, like myself. That’s why today I’m telling you about my favorite primers….

The Baby Lit Collection by Jennifer Adams. Each one of these colorful primers is IMG_2106based on a classic. You learn colors with Alice in Wonderland, you learn to count with Romeo and Juliet, and my personal favorite…learning about the ocean with Moby Dick. Now to give you a little more info…here’s my mom.

Hi readers, I love the Baby Lit Collection. It’s taken primers to the next level. Not only are they takes on the classics that I love but they are completely practical too. Each books is board book so they last a long time and are approtiate for all ages. Even if your little reader occasionally likes to bend and chew books, as Audrey did when she was just starting out. They average at 10 pages so they are short and sweet but those ten pages are filled with fun illustrations that both you and your little reader will love. These are my go-to primers and from what I can tell there is no end in sight for these guys. They just released The Secret Garden and Don Quixote, and I IMG_0603have heard rumors of several others in the works. So check them out your little reader will thank you. Audrey, any closing thoughts?

Just one Mom….

Eat, Play, Read!


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