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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Wow. This is an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for your dedication to reading and reviewing books for the flock. Will you also give warnings for the many books out there that are “polluted wells”?

    I love Cindi McMenamin’s beautiful works. “When women…..” starts the titles of many of the women’s issues she will get women to take a good look at. Simple writings and very clearly illuminating. She is all Bible and I have heard her teach in person and is a radiant spirit-filled woman. Would love to see her works featured in a review.


    • Hi Cerice, Thanks for the encouragement! It’s been a long time since I read Cindi McMenamin, thanks for that reminder too. Right now our focus is to provide reviews for the retreat lists, and make recommendations for other books that are profitable reads. I do anticipate some posts on the topics of reading with discernment. Please be praying for the leading of the Lord in this little ministry, we’re so excited to finally see it birthed!


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