Meet Audrey

This is Audrey. The third lady in our group. She’s two and half so I (Ashley) will be doing the writing on her behalf. At two and a half Audrey is already an avid reader. It’s common to find her curled up s1229997_10204992594758436_7996512926761923234_nomewhere with a teddy bear and a picture book. Since her birth her Gigi and I have been using Audrey to test out the books on our children’s section of the reviews. While I won’t presume to know what Audrey will be or do in life one of the things I do desire her to be is wise and discerning in what she picks up to read.

Audrey loves to be outside. Whether it’s walking, riding her scooter, helping her Gigi and Pop Pop with yard work or spending the day at the beach. She is currently taking gymnastics in her spare time and is planning on taking up surfing this summer under the patient instruction of her surfer dad. She’s a quick study and already knows her way around the kitchen, which makes helping make dinner with Mom a favorite pastime.

Audrey is glad you stopped by and hopes you enjoy her recommendations.

Eat, Play, Read!


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