The 2015 List

It’s April, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for Calvary Vista’s Women’s retreat! Part of why we wanted to start this blog was to publish our book list from retreat for you to have available all year and for those of you who were unable to attend the retreat to see what we recommended. So we are pleased to bring you this years list as a labor of love from us to you!  In the coming months we will be posting reviews of some of the books from this list. But one thing we can promise you is that if we put it on this list we both recommend it and consider it a worthy read. Take a look, and enjoy!


MaryAnne & Ashley


Love: The More Excellent Way-Chuck Smith

Understanding God’s love for us and how to love Him

The Great Exchange-Michelle Randall

Relatable, practical insights for today’s struggle with faith and fear

Let Hope In-Pete Wilson

4 choices that will change your life forever 

Pilgrimage-Lynn Austin

A journey to deeper faith where Jesus walked


Set My Heart on Fire-Catherine Martin

Experience personal revival through the power of the Holy Spirit

Chasing God-Angie Smith

Learning the difference between chasing and following God

Wall around Your Heart-Mary DeMuth

How Jesus heals you when others hurt you

Move on-Vicki Courtney

When mercy meets your mess 

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